Car Quick Release Fasteners


🎟Purchase this item and get 1075 Entries!

🎟Purchase this item and get 1075 Entries!

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Product Features:

1.  car front and rear bumper reinforced quick detachable pad reinforced surrounding decorative screws refitted colorful pad.
2.  surrounding reinforced circle is forged with selected high quality aviation aluminium and adopts anodic oxidation surface technology for fine workmanship and brilliant colors, which is a optimum product to enhance the beauty of engine compartment.

Product Parameter:
1. Product name:  Surrounding Reinforced Circle
2. Material: Aluminium alloy + Rubber band
3. Color: Red, blue, black, silver, auratus, purple, green, orange, titanium color

Packing List:
4 * Surrounding Reinforced Circles
2 * Rubber Bands
4 * Screws

4 * Pads

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